Conscious to both preserve and invest in the grounds we’re lucky to call home, we focus on an organic and holistic method of production. In our family run farm, all produce is grown with love and picked by hand.

Summer fruits in the orchard

With over 250 acres of land, Wollumbi is home to a rich ecosystem that we support and assist in its growth.

To us, caring for the land and nurturing everything that grows on it is the best way to invest in durable and fruitful development. Our produce is a reflection of the soil it grows on. In the true spirit of terroir, we care to preserve the characteristic taste and flavour imparted to our fruitage by its natural environment.

Our vines are an expression of the land they grow on. We let fruit be fruit and keep our intervention minimal.


Our pinot noir in french oak barrels

Ideal weather conditions and location all help to produce very high quality grapes which are hand-picked in the coolest hours of the day and pressed within hours.

Respecting the soil is the core objective in our vineyard. Low intervention allows wines to truly show what the variety, vineyard, season and site can do. We spend a lot of time in the vineyard caring for the vines, which are 20-30 years of age, to provide the best quality grapes. In the winery, our focus is to make sure that the process sees the characters of that fruit shine in the final wine.

A sunny morning awakening our olive grove

Roses in the main garden

Wolllumbi olive grove was planted in 1995 and lies at 750 metres. With sunny warm days and cool nights, the conditions for olive growing are ideal. We believe in sustainable oleaculture practices, choosing quality over quantity to produce high quality fruit and yield consistency at every harvest.


Each olive varietal was chosen for suitability to the climate, oil yield, eating quality and consistency. We pick and press separately depending on its optimal fruit maturity.